Precision Medical Centre provides outstanding family physicians, specialists, and allied health professionals to serve the community. Our team consists of highly trained, respectful, compassionate health care professionals who are committed to providing excellent, evidence-based and exceptional health care to meet the needs of our patients. Our advanced technology and sophisticated facility combines the best in comprehensive health care delivery models to ensure timely access to a broad range of services.


Family Therapy

Area of services include parent-child conflict. Marital or relationship problems. Mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety. Substance abuse. Behavioral problems in children or adolescents. Adjusting to major life changes, such as divorce, death, or illness.

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International Medical Service

International medical consultation and second opinion for adult and children-comprehensive healthcare. General practice and specialist at your service

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Psychiatry ( Psychiatry care is by referral only)

Appointment: Patient will be contacted for appointment if deemed suitable for office practice.
Please note PMC admin will only contact patient maximum of 2 times to book appointment. Referral will be sent back to the referring doctor/clinic if patient is not reachable.

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Also known as vaccinations. Available for both children and adults

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Work/School/Travel Clinic

We provide specialized medical services and advice to individuals who are planning to travel internationally. The purpose of a travel clinic is to help individuals prepare for their trip by addressing any health concerns or risks associated with travel to a specific destination.

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Family Physician – Appointment and Walk in Clinic

Our Family physicians specializes in providing comprehensive medical care to individuals and families.

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